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Jongkind sketching..

This statue of Dutch Master Johan Barthold Jongkind was made in honor of his 200th birthday by painter and sculptor Rob Houdijk (1950) on behalf of The Art Foundation.

This location was carefully chosen, as now Johan Barthold Jongkind stands in his beloved polder landscape which has been a great inspiration to him, even when later in life he lived in France.


Also, this is a point where  paths of Jongkind's life intersect: the Vlaardinger canal and Maassluise barge canal converge, both waterways leading to two cities where Jongkind grew up and made his first steps in sketching and painting. In the other direction, the canal leads eventually to The Hague, where he was an apprentice of Andreas Schelfhout and where the doors opened for his departure for Paris. Numerous sketches, watercolors and paintings that he made along the way tell us where he has been, how he looked, what he saw and inspired him, walking along the towpaths.

In Jongkind's youth, the barge, a boat pulled by manpower or horses, was still regarded as a fast means of transportation. The towage provided the necessary infrastructure. Not only for the barges, but the towpaths overland next to them make for excellent walking paths that Johan Barthold used frequently, en route to his teacher, back to his mother in Maassluis or while visiting other relatives in Overschie. Countless sketches, watercolors and paintings tell us where he has been and what he saw along the way ... 


From Vlaardingen to Maassluis and on the way in the Midden-Delfland area, you will find marker tiles with Jongkind's portrait, as shown above.

The tiles tell the story of his life. You will learn where Jongkind lived and worked when he was at the very beginning of his painting career and how he became an 'influencer' of the great Impressionists.

En passant you will learn more about this environment and the history of the landscape.  


Use the digital map to find the various locations.

You can pick up a tour map at Gallery RitsArt, The tourist information office in Maassluis 'Ervaar Maassluis', B&B Rechthuis van Zouteveen, Museum Tramhuisje in Schipluiden and Museum Vlaardingen. 

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