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Observe and compare

Although Jongkind often used his early sketchbooks as a source of inspiration, it is also clear that he took the liberty of making a new composition from various sketches. On the left and right you can see pictures of what it looked like around the time when Jongkind lived here. 

The painting ( center image ) is clearly romanticised. The viewpoint is not exactly the same, but it gives enough of an impression to see the similarity. In many paintings we see a small boat on the left that first catches the eye. The washing lady on the bank adds depth and makes your eyes zigzag across the picture to eventually end up in the house. 

Word has it that Jongkinds mother lived in this house. Therefore the painting for the longest time has had a faulty title. Eventhough his mother lived at various houses in Maassluis no recoreds have been found she lived in this particular home. 

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